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Hot, hot shoot on a sunny Sunday afternoon!

I've been wanting to organise a professional photoshoot for a while now and last week on a hot sunny Sunday afternoon the shoot finally took place, yay!

It took me a while to get the courage up to finally organise this, I'm not sure why as I've done quite a few in my previous employment, but I guess it feels even more important when it's your own brand you're representing.

Getting frustrated at myself for not doing it I decided that if I booked a photographer then I'd have no option but to organise the shoot, a way of pushing myself to do it and it worked.

After booking Hayley, I then had to find models but who would I use? Luckily, Hayley recommended a girl who she'd worked with before, so that was one, tick! I also roped in her boyfriend, a good friend and my Business Gateway strategy advisor. All I had to do was finish my samples and we were good to go.

My biggest concern was going to be the weather, what if it was raining? Well we got the complete opposite. I had my poor models wearing winter coats, wool hats and scarves on one of the hottest days of the year so far. Thank goodness for the natural air conditioning from the cool north sea breeze.

I wanted to do the shoot in the coastal town of Fraserburgh as this is where my studio is based but I wanted to use less obvious locations than you might first think. My first choice was my favorite wall down at the harbour. This is in a boat painters yard and for years and years the painters have been cleaning their brushes on the walls which has caused an amazing build up of paint. So many wonderful textures and colours, I absolutely love it. My other location was a little trickier, still at the harbour but in the yard of a disused marine building. Hopefully no one will mind that we sneaked in (fingers crossed).

It was a really fun afternoon and I'm so excited to see the images, I know they'll be great.

The moral of the story is to stop over thinking things and just go for it!

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