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Grey lambswool knitted lounge socks with yellow cuff and pink heel and toe

Balance Lounge Socks M/L - Nougat and Piccalilli

Balance Collection Lambswool Lounge Socks in size M-L in shades Pearl grey, Nougat pink and Piccalilli yellow.


Relax and unwind at home with these cosy Lambswool lounge socks, designed by Candy Coated Accessories and made by a family-run manufacturer based in the Scottish Highlands. A small percentage of nylon has been added to the heel and toe of the socks to create longer wear.


- Available in two sizes - S/M (approx. women's UK size 4 - 6) and M/L (approx women's UK size 7 - 9)

- Composition - 96% wool / 4% polyamide

- Recommended to be worn at home with soft souled slippers or shoes.


Are you wondering why Lambswool is such a great material for socks?


Well, did you know that Lambswool is quite literally wool from lambs. The young sheep provide soft, fine wool that makes it great for clothing and accessories. While sheep's wool is notorious for its potential itchiness, lambswool is generally softer and less likely to cause skin irritation.


Did you also know that as wool is a natural material it can breathe, it has built-in thermal regulation, meaning it keeps feet warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. Wool is the only textile that offers this ideal balance despite changing temperatures, making it a great choice when choosing your socks.

  • Care Instructions

    Hand wash or low-temperature wool wash. Do not tumble dry. Dry flat. Iron on low-temperature.

  • Size

    M/L -  Approx. foot size women's UK 7 - 9

  • Colour

    Pink, Grey and Yellow

  • Age Group

    Adult (13+ years old)