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Geometric pattern knitted lambswool accessories

Candy Coated Accessories


Always 100% Lambswool

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Discover a range of luxury knitted accessories for you and your home, inspired by geometric patterns and vibrant colours, all designed and made in Scotland and always made with 100% Lambswool.
Hi and welcome, my name is Fiona and I am the proud founder of Candy Coated Accessories, located in the North East of Scotland. Drawing on my experience in textile manufacturing since 2006, I combine traditional techniques with modern design to create unique and colourful collections that you will adore.
From cosy jacquard knit scarves to eye-catching pom pom beanies, stylish twist headbands, and warm hot water bottle covers, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Explore my entire range of products by clicking HERE, where you'll also find delightful baby blankets and eco-friendly craft kits for everyone.

Grey Baby Blankets all three V2.jpg
Calamine and Petrel Crosswise Hat Front.jpg


Choose from our super cosy lambswool baby blankets or some eye catching headwear, now on sale with 30% off!

Perfect for keeping you and your little one warm and snug. Grab one now while stocks last!

Hot water bottle cover knitted in Lambswool
Green and Coral wool knitted headband

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Lambswool knitted scarves, hats and snoods in bright geometric patterns
Wool baby blankets in a geometric pattern

Be bold with my vibrant range of wool headwear

Keep cosy this winter with 1L & 2L Hot Water Bottle Covers

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