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The results are in on my first lifestyle shoot...

...and they do not disappoint!

If you've been on any of my social media channels, you'll already have seen the results with a few of my first lifestyle shoot images and I'm so pleased to be able to share them with you now and over the coming months. Hayley from Hayley Fraser Photography and the lovely models I managed to rope in have made my lambswool knitted scarves, hats and headbands look wonderful.

What I didn't share with you before was that we also did a shoot in my studio. It's no secret that I'm far happier behind the camera than in front of it but I also know that you lovely people quite like to see my face from time to time so here it is. Not too shabby either, Hayley is a miracle worker!

It's also fantastic to have beautiful images of my studio, it really is my sanctuary, my happy place and I love to show it off. I'm fascinated at seeing where people create their beautiful work and I know quite a few of you are the same. It's like getting an insight into a hidden world. So, I hope you enjoy seeing these as well.

Now for the bit you've all been waiting for, the life style shoot...

Even with it being one of the hottest days of the year so far, I think we pulled it off, it could easily be a bright crisp winters morning. You know, one of those days where it's really still, really fresh but super sunny. I love those.

I think using the boat painters wall as a backdrop has really paid off, I absolutely love the playfulness of the colourful, bumpy wall mixed in with my vibrant wool accessories.

I also wanted the shoot to show the diversity of my collection. I purposely choose a variety of models, male and female with a range of ages. I want my collections to be inclusive to everyone. It's something I consider more and more as I develop new products and designs.

Anyway, for my first exploration into lifestyle photography I think it turned out great and I hope you agree.

Thank you to Rebecca, Fiona, Cheyenne, and Andrew for taking time out of their weekend to model and to Hayley for being so talented and taking so many great photos.

four models wearing bright coloured wool accessories

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